Palace Suites Dallas Hotel Reviews

Palace Suites Dallas Hotel Hotels Reviews

Address: 3422 Samuell Blvd, Dallas, TX 75223-1710 (Formerly Eastern Hills Motor Hotel)

I just needed a close placr to stay for a concert. The front desk cleck barely spoke English and was completely unhelpful. No mention how scary the parking lot was. I only stayed the one night and I couldn't wait to get out of there. I feel lucky nothing happened to me. Unsafe place to stay. Can I give less…More

I'm an experienced traveler and I have stayed in many unfortunate accommodations around the world, so it surprises me that the ultimate answer to "I really need a place to stay–how bad could this place be?" is the Palace Suites in Dallas, Texas. It is the worst hotel experience of my life.There are lots of miserable things about this…More

InTown Suites Dallas North / Plano Motel Reviews

InTown Suites Dallas North / Plano Motel Hotels Reviews

Address: 19059 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252-2444

I stayed at Intown suites in Plano Texas on 200 Russeau drive for a week. Beware! The rooms look nice but are hiding dirt and things in the walls!. Especially on the headboards! Around pictures. On lamps are dust and dirt. I cleaned off red something from the headboards and on the furniture.. Yellow something was all over the walls….More

The room was very dirty, sheets were filthy, and there were people loitering around outside and drinking. The bed pillows were very cheap and in need of replacement. The kitchen and bathroom had a very foul odor, the refrigerator had human hair inside. The housekeeper came once in a week and only made the bed, no clean sheets, and she…More

InTown Suites Dallas Northeast Hotel Reviews

InTown Suites Dallas Northeast Hotel Hotels Reviews

Address: 9355 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX 75243-6256

I checked in here at this place and they gave me a key to look at the room well I went up and I looked at the room it seemed okay I really didn't look that closely I just make sure it was the right size and somewhat clean so I booked it when I got in there I checked…More

Americas Best Value Inn Hotel, Dallas Reviews

Americas Best Value Inn Hotel, Dallas Hotels Reviews

Address: 4154 Preferred Pl, Dallas, TX 75237-4219

I stayed at this place thinking it would be as the pictues online, but…but it was not. In fact, it was aweful and stinky. I got a couple of big bites from bedbugs. I will not return to this place. Unsafe area even if the police are parked in front.

Oh my goodness!!! We checked in, walked into our room & left immediately!!! There were roaches crawling on the floor, on the furniture & on the walls. The floor was nasty. There wasn't even a bar of soap in the soap packet on the sink…a roach crawled OUT of it!! Ugh! NEVER stay there!

Room smelled like mildew. The pillow cases have old blood strains. I think they have fleas because something was biting at my ankles every time my feet hit the floor. Also when I woke up I had several bite marks n bruises I'll over my legs stomach. Very nasty hotel …PLEASE do NOT go here!!

we booked a two night stay, right after check-in we saw a prostitute sitting in the parking lot waitung for customers. Sheets had blood stains and other unidentified stains on it. We dedided to sleep in our clothes on top of the covers, next morning we noticed little white worms all over the carpet and a/c, we decided to leave…More

I just got home from a trip to Dallas, where I stayed at the BVI on Preferred Pl.The rates were good, but the room was far from good and certainly not the best value!The bathroom had dead bugs on the floor, the bathtub area was rather moldy, there was NO soap in the room, only a couple of…More

Super Inn 7 Hotel Motel, Dallas Reviews

Super Inn 7 Hotel Motel, Dallas Hotels Reviews

Address: 8108 E R L Thornton Fwy, I-30 at Jim Miller Road, Exit #52-A, Dallas, TX 75228-7004

The worst, most unkept, filthy hotel ever! The kid at the counter was rude and he made up prices and lied about room availability etc. Should have looked for a motel 6! Dead bugs, unkept everything , tv from the 50's! DONT STAY HERE! RUN DOWN AND FOR thirty five less than a hundred, forget it!!

WOW..well first of all they make the pics look great but its absolutely NOT wut the rooms look like..its nasty..the sheets had stains.the TV went out..the microwave didn't work and had caked up food in it..the ac goes in & out..the bathroom was disgusting.. When I got here I asked for the cleaning stuff so I could clean the room…More

The location was great because it wasn't too far from my destination, but I didn't like the cigarette smell in my room I had turned on the facuet and cigarettes started coming out the drain. My remote didn't work and I didn't get any service, so the only thing that was good about my stay was location wise…

Studio 6 Dallas Garland-Northeast Motel Reviews

Studio 6 Dallas Garland-Northeast Motel Hotels Reviews

Address: 9801 Adleta Ct, I-635 at Skillman Street, Exit #16, Dallas, TX 75243-9266

I found this hotel while searching for a pet-friendly hotel in the NE Dallas area. I made the mistake of not checking with TripAdvisor first. The reviews on Expedia were OK, the location was close to where I needed to be, and the pictures looked acceptable. I arrived to find some surprises. The pet fee was much higher than listed…More

Dear Guest,Thank you for sharing your review. We apologize for the condition of the pool during your stay and any inconvenience it caused you. Safety and security are high priorities within Motel 6 standards for quality and we regret you experienced different during your visit. The service issues you describe are atypical to Motel 6 standards for quality, and…More L LDallas, Texas1 review 3 helpful votes

DO NOT COME HERE! IN TEARS! As a female it is very hard to deal with staff like tis. Staff especially Andy very difficult to deal with, resistant upon every issue I've had. Dirty sheets were placed on my bed confirmed by hair in between the sheets and a stain. When I talked to Andy (staff) he spoke as if…More

I booked the stay for a week…truthfully, I heard horror stories about the neighborhood and used to live near there…I have been a loyal MOTEL/STUDIO 6 customer over the years, but not this location…They lost a good customer; I paid in advance, not there much during the day (business), don't request much etc. First of all, i received NO MAID…More

I had stayed at this property before and only decided to come back for the cheap rates. Was in town for the state fair. Last visit was previous year.When I checked in, the young lady was extremely friendly and very helpful(forgot her name). When I told her my last visit was less than satisfactory, she sincerely apologized. She then…More

Crime Infested area, Police Sirens all night long, Gun Shots all night long, Prostitutes in the parking lot. no security, Police response slow. they found a dead person while I was there that overdosed on cocaine. managment had bad additude problems, They were not nice people. vending machines rarely worked. the neighborhood where the resturants were was too dangerous to…More

I stayed there a while for reasons that are too numerous to explain here. I was promised a room for the handicapped in a day or two of arrival. It was 5 weeks before I got it. There were two chairs in the room and both were broken. I had to sit on the bed. I was moved, due to…More

Terrible customer service. I booked a room for my girlfriend for a weekend(who drove down 5 hours from oklahoma) and I only stayed with her for 3 or 4 hours in the room for the 2 days we booked it, and the hotel manager complained and started making a hassle and forced me to pay for 2 people.I told…More

Alameta Motel Hotel, Dallas Reviews

Alameta Motel Hotel, Dallas Hotels Reviews

Address: 13333 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234 (Formerly Americas Best Value Inn & Suites)

I chose this place for the price, BAD BAD mistake!! The place is in pretty bad disrepair but I was tired from traveling and just needed a place to rest, nothing fancy. My expectations were low since the price was so low but I got WAY more than I bargained for! I AM COMPLETELY COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE IN…More

the shower walls had several hairs stuck to it. when I wanted to use a towel I would pick through and use the one without a black stain on it. carpet had some strange stains. bed wasn't that bad but wasn't great. front desk and other staff were every friendly and I didn't have any problems, all my requests were…More

There was no continental breakfast. They served a standard bacon egg plate to everyone. I cant eat eggs, so was served stale cereal, and no toast. The restruant has very small menu, and expensive for what you get.An entire unit has burned nearly to the ground, next to the pool. This has not been repaired or removed or fenced…More

Rooms should be rented by the hour, not the day, it's just that kind of place, stained carpet, missing bedside table lamps, broken parts loose in refridge, door hinges loose and rusted to point you have to force bathroom door shut, unfinished edges to tile on jacuzzi platforms(should have used bullnosed tile), plastic "rubermaid" kitchen type steps to get into…More

Great owners and a most pleasant stay. Have booked another night or two next week.

Royal Inn Dallas NW Hotel Reviews

Royal Inn Dallas NW Hotel Hotels Reviews

Address: 2030 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220-2316

Positive: priceNegatives: needs to be refurbished, dirty, surroundings is not safe at night and is very noisyI can not recommend the hotel to anyone, the only positive thing of the location is a restaurant on the oposite side of the road where you can get a decent meal.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. This is not the worst hotel I've ever stayed in but it is a contender.Sign in car park warns against drug dealing and prostitution. Pulled in at night and the place was crawling with shady characters. Felt immediately unsafe.Reception was services through a glass pane like gas stations late at night as a security…More

If you like drugs and hookers this is the hotel for you. This has to be the worst hotel I have ever been to. The people running the hotel said there is nothing going on but i watched three drug deals go down within the first 15 mins being there. I found a better hotel to stay at that night.

Wow people this hotel suck's, me and my fiance move from vegas and was on a budget so we thought its a good deal $35 @ night cant beat it, we got their to check in at 4:30 pm check in to the room, 5 min after that I had people coming up to me wanting to sell me drugs,walk…More

First experience i had here was some guy yelling from across the parking lot asking if i needed help. I only had a small bag so i told him no. He came over anyway, but just to look inside my car. The room stank of smoke and animal urine. Ancient tv's. A guy claimung that he was "joking" said something…More

A friend & I spent 1 night here as we were going to visit some friends in the area.When we got there after 6pm, the parking lot was close to capacity already. There were a few men coming and going throughout the place.Check-in was smooth but the attendant could have been a little bit more friendly. We got…More

I wish I could rate this terrible hotel less then a 1! DO NOT STAY HERE! The facility is filthy and run down and thestaff are even more disgusting! On my wedding night I had booked a jacousi suite and my parents booked a doublequeen room for themselves and my brothers. We arrived to a crazy drunk RUDE…More

place fine for putting your head down for the night. Easy checkin. Booked through didnt have any problems. Had a microwave. .free wifi and tv in room. Towels were clean but worn. So wasnt keen on using was dirt cheap so cant expect a palace. However fine for one night.

It is definitely a hotel that makes me think of hookers. Sure it is close to Dallas Love Field airport but that is about the only good thing. It is on a street where everyother building was a strip club. Would rather have paid more money for somplace better, but did not know the city.

Express Studios Hotel, Dallas Reviews

Express Studios Hotel, Dallas Hotels Reviews

Address: 10333 Finnell St, Dallas, TX 75220-4366

I booked room thru Expedia, and even at a discounted rate I NEVER expected what I walked into. The guy at the front desk was angry about his life and it came across in his bad attitude. I requested NON-SMOKING yet the entire facility was thick with smoke! Including my room. When I walked in the room the (on 1st…More

I reserved 2 non-smoking rooms online a few weeks before I left. When I arrived they had to juggle things to find two such rooms. they have very basic kitchens but nothing to make it possible to use the kitchen. There wasn't even a cup or glass for use in the bathroom for brushing one's teeth. There were stains on…More

First walk in to check in the man has an attitude and it hot. Get to room no mirror in bathroom shower is rusty and don't dare turn on the water bc there is rust crust in the shower head. The towel had red stuff all over it. The bed looked descent nope pull back the sheet and there was…More

Baddddddddd rooms dirty bad tub rust and cigarettes burns everywhere curtains would close fully air was not cold plus tv had to be hooked up someone came to my room asking for someone when security supposed to be on the property

Got stuck on business and thought this seemed like a nice place. Recently updated to it said. And walked in to this mess. Do not go here. I returned my key in less than 10 minutes and they advise Hotwire I had been there for an hour and couldn't get a refund. Ridiculous.

Horrible place.. people are actually living there hanging out the windows, hard beds, bugs, smells bad, old, small bed & room. Don't stay there. It's says no smoking but you smell cigarettes and w***D smoke. Every time someone open or close their door it sound like someone was breaking in on you. Worst experience. We stayed a couple of hours…More

Upgrading is in progress which is needed (heard the hammer drill at noon). Cabinets have been painted and paint is peeling on work surfaces, cabinets need to be replaced. Microwave works but needs to be replaced (unstable, turntable broken). Refridge works but door opens to wrong side, drawers not installed correctly. Carpet squares. Internet connection is 914 bytes/s… bytes… lol……More

I needed a room for about 6 hours – arrived in late at Dallas Love airport and needed to be on the road by 5 am. I thought "I can stay most anywhere for just 6 hours". Wrong!! This place was cheap on hotwire, and now I see why. First off, the address is wrong and there is no signage…More

This place is horrifying!Long story short bugs, hookers, and long time tenants with Welcome doormats in front of door.Room one: Nasty, bugs, just filthyRoom Two: Just as bad plus TV broken and lamps missing bulbs.Put it this way, if you want to live here for a few years cheap or pay by the hour this place…More See all photos

Not impressed whatsoever. The hotel is undergoing "renovations", which is understandable to a certain extent. But it honestly looked like they slapped some paint on everything that was already there. The doors to the room would "shut", but it was obvious there needed to be a seal because the door did not actually shut all the way. Someone could pass…More

The Regency Hotel, Dallas Reviews

The Regency Hotel, Dallas Hotels Reviews

Address: 11350 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75238-3163 (Formerly Radisson Hotel Dallas East)

I was there for all of 15 minutes before I saw cockroaches 2+ inches long. Needless to say she didn't argue about giving me a full refund. Don't be fooled by the entrance–wow is it much nicer than the rest of the hotel. The rest of the hotel is so sketchy, and doors from the inside/outside were broken. Not safe.

This is not a hotel you want to bring your family or even stay by yourself. The price is the same as any higher quality hotel in the area but it is run like, and in the shape of, an hourly rated hotel. Carpets were soaked, locks broken on the doors, and various non-guests walk around inside at all hours…More

I don't know why TripAdvisor won't let me rate it lower than 2 but I urge any sane person NOT to book this hotel. Don't let the "decent" photos fool you. I'm dumbfounded that this place is still in business. The receptionist wasn't very welcoming. In fact, she looked miserable. We got our card key so we headed to our…More

It sucks!!! Don't get a room here, it's ran down and just nasty!! The bed, carpet, bathroom are all nasty, very unclean!the elevator doesn't work so you have to climb stairs with all your bags. Ac in the room isn't cold either

Lobby looked ok upon arrival to hotel but as we got in the elevator and saw a kid drinking a beer we started to worry. The 2nd and 3rd floors were disgusting with spray paint on the walls, people drinking beer/doing drugs in the elevators and halls. Mattresses in hallways with people lounging on them. Our room was bedbug infested,…More

We left the hotel in search of another 20 minutes after arriving.The outside looked weathered, I assumed normal of any hotel as they would hopefully update the inside first. We walked through an outside path where we noted empty beer bottles hanging from the majority of the "balconies".In the lobby we found it relatively decent for a "3…More

Wearing a Hazmat suit would not suffice the amount of protection needed to just walk in here. Checked in after a 6 hour drive around midnight, initial smell of marijuana and crackheads walking the grounds. Walking through hallways, dusty and dirty, trash all over (no exaggeration). Stairwell was disgusting, walked into a hallway straight from a horror film, had to…More

This place has great potential, it really does, but is in no way meeting it with the current ownership/management. The best thing going for this place right now is the guy that makes fresh omelettes in the morning for breakfast. The sleep number beds are pretty nice too, but If I was on a better budget, I would not stay…More

Probably the worst place I've ever stayed at. The rooms and the hallways were not clean enough (for example, there was some dry blood and mold on the wall) and there was a terrible smell, but even that clearly wasn't the biggest issue. The main problem was the weird, sketchy people hanging around in the hallways, the lobby and the…More

Warning:This has to be one of the worst hotels in the world!This place should be demolished,and this place should be out of business.First of all it is in the worst neighborhood in Dallas,Texas.It is very unsafe.There are crack heads and prostitutes roaming rapidly.This place is full of rats and roaches.Let's just sum it up this is a dump!The manager Manny…More