Anaheim Maingate Inn Motel Reviews

Anaheim Maingate Inn Motel Hotels Reviews

Address: 1211 West Place, Anaheim, CA 92802 (Formerly Rodeway Inn Maingate)

The only reason we stayed here was that they had 4 nights in a row. Now I know why. Take my advice and move from hotel to hotel instead of staying here. The room smelled bad. The floors were so dirty and sticky that we had to wear socks around the room to protect our feet. The socks got thrown…More

Pros: location, friendly desk, okay breakfast with Capri suns (awesome for taking into DL)Cons: the room was disgusting. I'm a budget traveler – I don't expect much. This is only the 2nd negative review I've ever posted, and I would not even post it if the manager had called me back… Attaching photos, but: dried blood or food on…More

The only redeeming feature is the rooms are clean.The clientele meanwhile where rough!!, people fighting at night, people naked and bloody in the car park.Its location is'not bad but really after that for a few bucks more your better off in a more well know hotel was OK if you wanted a bed for the night…More

The rooms are average, considering is place for stay the night while you enjoy Disneyland is a good option.A little bit noisy maybe because another guests start their activities very early. Look like the hotel is becoming old with not so much maintenance in the middle, but was clean enough.Is a budget option if you think in a…More

yes I knew it wasn't a 5 star hotel but the photos they use to advertise this place is very deceiving! Wanted a hotel close to Disneyland for an affordable price but had I know the area and conditions of this place were what they were I would have booked a more expensive hotel with suitable conditions. Lots of wear…More

The Rodeway Inn Maingate isn't a hotel for you if you need 3 stars and a lovely room with all the amenities. The hotel rooms here were clean and neat with not the greatest surroundings. But the hotel is inexpensive and very close to Disneyland enough to walk all the way there. the beds were comfortable and the water pressure…More

this hotel is now called the anaheim maingate inn, just's not the best place i've stayed, but not the worst either. parking is extremely tight; there weren't enough parking spaces, so at times we had to resort to parking in the driveway/entrance. and it's on a busy street, so we had to listen to traffic all night (but…More

DO NOT STAY HERE. You can find hotels near the parks for the same price that are worlds apart in cleanliness/comfort/EVERYTHING. We checked in and the front desk lady was very nice. She is the only good thing about that place. She really tried to help us out but the owner and the hotel itself are unreal. The rooms are…More

And this place has location! Just a brief walk through the Disneyland parking garage will take you to the constantly running Tram and entrance to the park. it used to be the Rodeway Main Gate, now it's the Anaheim Main Gate.It's not hard to figure why Rodeway dropped it. It's a tired old 1950's motel. It was also MUCH cheaper…More

As with most other reviews, this place is dirty, carpets are filthy and mould around the windows. The hotel needs to understand these things can make people ill.There are a few redeeming features however:Juice boxes for children are a nice touchYou will be hard pressed to find a more convenient location close to the parks that isn't…More

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