Envy Hotel, Baltimore Reviews

Envy Hotel, Baltimore Hotels Reviews

Address: 22 E Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21202-1706 (Formerly Best Western)

I have read some of the other reviews and think that they were a little harsh. The hotel is not top of the line but for being close to all the attractions the cost could not be beat. It needs updated and there are often sketchy individuals waiting for the bus out front but you can tell it was once…More

This was by far the WORST stay ever!! I was there this weekend. It was 90 degrees outside. This hotel does not allow you to control your own room temp! All rooms were between 75-80 degrees!! DIRTY! RUN!

If you're looking for a cheaper place just to sleep and don't have a sense of smell (hallways smell funky), then this place might work for you. The elevator button panel has duck tape on it and, overall, it just doesn't feel clean. The hotel staff were nice, though, and beds half-decently comfortable.

DO NOT STAY HERE! It is a horrible experience. My children and I stayed there the night of August 3, 2016. Let me start by saying that Inner Harbor is beautiful but once you make that turn into Fayette street, it all goes downhill! We arrived there late at night and the block was full of prostitutes and their pimps!…More

This hotel was a good choice for us.Spacious rooms with everything we needed for a one night stay.The staff were as polite as I've came across and very helpful.Only downside was the hotel is right next to the court and there was a few ropey people hanging around outside.If you're going to use taxis don't let…More

If you spend a lot of time in your hotel room, this isn't the place for you. But, if you merely use it to sleep, you might consider this moderately priced hotel.The beds are comfortable and the room is clean, bu the room is small (verging on claustrophobic). The front desk is helpful and friendly.Checking in is a…More

I was in Baltimore for a convention this weekend but could not afford some of the high priced hotels I was finding. I found a great deal on Hotels.com that would give me Thursday through Sunday for a little over $300.Sold! I saw some poor reviews and prepared myself for the worse only to find a perfectly comfortable and respectable…More

This hotel is in front of a bus stop so people are standing in front of the hotel. The staff is pleasant and helpful. check in was quick and easy. The elevator didn't work properly so the staff has to take you to your floor and bring you back to the lobby. The front light in the room didn't work….More

Simple as that!! Go somewhere else I usually don't write reviews but I will help the next person out with this one. No words could describe my stay. If I didn't love Beyonce I would have left and gone back to NJ. The customer service was good front desk was helpful. The elevator is broken and needs to be used…More

After booking, read some negative reviews so was understandably wary on arrival. Yes- the building is dated. Yes- there are bus stops outside. But neither were a problem. Yes- the receptionist had earphones in. But she took them out, she was polite, helpful and apologised when she took a call while we were checking in. Yes – the lift went…More

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