Midwest Inn Hotel, Branson Reviews

Midwest Inn Hotel, Branson Hotels Reviews

Address: 730 State Highway 165, Branson, MO 65616-9002

This is not a hotel for Branson visitors. It is full of homeless residents. This place is filthy, you can smell marijuana the instant you park in the lot. This place needs to be bulldozed! I got a refund and went elsewhere!

stayed here for the last 6 or more years. always was friendly and clean. but this year we made reservations weeks ahead and ask for room 210.and was told we would get it. the office called us back at least 4 times to confirm our room. also made reservations for our friends coming from Ar. we got to the motel…More

Deserves "0" stars. The room stunk likes cigarettes and other unknown aromas. There were cigarette butts on the floor, nightstand and in the toilet (which had pee stains around the rim). There were soiled washcloths on the floor next to and under the bed. The ceiling above the tub was covered with mold.When I came in late at night,…More

checked in—the grey haired skinny dude was pissed off that he had an arrival—he was rude and calice in his comments—said he was trying to sleep—sorry we should have stayed somewhere else and not interrupted his sleep cycle—-carpet filthy–had black stains on the bottoms of our feet—mini fridge didn't work—tried to talk to someone after 7 pm—no one to be…More

Stayed here for a week. Pretty clean, close to everything, wifi not that good and not all the outlets worked but for the price is a good place to stay. Room had a sofa bed, small fridge and microwave.

This place was absolutely disgusting. They called me the night before I got there and informed me that I had booked a room for 2 nights and were gonna charge me an extra $50 if I didn't get it fixed. The room also had giant bed bugs and spiders and we immediately got our money back and left. Never ever…More

Tried to call many times and no answer. After looking at the reviews of other people I decided not to stay there. I will not try to stay there again. I definitely didn't want to chance the bed bugs after seeing a write up on it.

Very dirty! I was chewed up by bed bugs here. When I took it to management, I was informed I probably brought them with me. Say what?! After getting but for 5 days, finally the owner came and inspected. He found them, mature and crawling behind the headboard. I was given spray to get rid of them, instead I left…More

Absolutely awful. Just awful. We had car issues on our way down, so I had called to let them know we would be late. The front desk woman told me she had no rooms, and no longer accepted the travel site my husband used to book the room. After calling who we booked through and having them call the hotel…More

I was visiting my father that lived there because it was close to where he worked and the people that own the place kick him out after he went into the hospital and then shortly after that passed away

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