Atlantic Motor Inn Hotel, Brooklyn Reviews

Atlantic Motor Inn Hotel, Brooklyn Hotels Reviews

Address: 1768 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213-1208

overpriced ,small room,basic room no extras(clock -microwave-fridge-etc)very low water pressure in shower ,you have to use lots of water in order to remove the soap from your skin (had problems flushing the tiolet it required more than one flush and you have to hold the leaver downno place to hang your clothes -no bath mat in shower

The entire front desk needs training on customer service. The woman that works the morning shift is very rude and nasty towards customers it is as if you are begging for service that you paid for. I felt so disrespected during my stay at the Atlantic Motor Inn. This woman called up to my room to tell me that I…More

When in the US I registered without checking to much to this hotel/inn for 7 nights to my regret. The room was on the third floor, was not equipped with a closet to hang ones clothes. The lighting was dim and my room was not cleaned 5 of the 7 days I spent there.But that was the least of…More

As serious as a gunshot wound to the head — Don't stay at this place. We're lucky we made it out alive, with a car, with our money. The website is not indication of its appearance and experience.Joe

It was alright stay, I really like the Jacuzzi.. The bubbles was great.. That wait was a little bit long in the lobby but after we got settled it work out great.. Very clean, and quite atmosphere.. overall I will use them again..Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYPatricia

I do agree with the first review… I wouldn't stay there for a long period of time, However the hotel is good for something… It's a decent place to run away with your other for a quickie!

I walked in with my girlfriend and asked for a stay for 3 days.Well, the receptionist was polite and all formalities were completed in 4-5 minutes.Its a little wierd in the ight as we were staying in Brooklyn and the crowd pouring in wwas much more local than there were tourists.Well i recommend this motel for staying…they…More

I was asked by a father and his son to make a hotel booking in Brooklyn and being a visitor myself, I checked your site "". Unfortunatlely, when I went to visit, I felt most embarassed on realizing that this is not a hotel and would be better positioned on "" or even "". This hotel shoud not be on…More

I lived in this hotel from august 1 to4. When the taxi dropped me off to this hotel the location was terrible. They had beggars on the property and felt very unsafe. When i checked in the staff were very rude not polite at all. When i got into the tub their were croaches and then i called the guest…More

Have just returned home from a 4 night stay in Atlantic Motor Inn. The room was perfectly clean but the Hotel is definately not for tourists. In fact I would say it's a place for a 1 night stay with a "friend". The reception staff are not at all helpful. All in all, I would certainly not recommend it.

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