Belair Hotel, Chicago Reviews

Belair Hotel, Chicago Hotels Reviews

Address: 424 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614-8401

I checked in for a week's stay, and quickly discovered that the room I was staying in was infested with bedbugs. The manager would not even give me a new room. I ended up trying to sleep in the lobby, and of course anything I had planned for my trip had to be canceled. It was the worst travel experience…More

The price of the rooms at the Belair Hotel gives you some idea of what you will get. I was surprised that the rooms were in such good shape. The hotel is inexpensive and in a very active part of the city. The businesses and entertainment in the area are exceptional. There is good transportation all around the city from…More

I am presently a tenant and am presently witnessing a lack of professionalism from the Manager (Dovie Williams) as well as the Owner ( Mr. Windmiller). I had a drug addicted alcoholic knock on my door in the middle of the night. I tried to communicate my problem to the owner by leaving a letter in his box. He did…More

I moved to this hotel, after having a bad experience with a local hostel. My husband was a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital, and the Belair is only about 2 blocks away. It's an old hotel, but I found it to be comfortable and clean. I stayed in one of their overnight rooms, which had double bed, air conditioning, TV,…More

I only stayed there because the other short term choices did not have private baths. The best I can say about the Belair is that the staff was friendly and helpful. For starters, you have to provide your own TV. If you want reception you have to order your own cable. The building is old and stinks of mildew and…More

If you are on drugs or crazy you will think this place is great but if you are sane you will hate it. I have never been in such a ran down, old, hot, dirty stanky, unsafe place in all of my life. Everything is old, musty and on the brink of falling apart. I was afraid I would catch…More

It was a very nice place, I would reccomend it to anybody. Lots of friendly faces . I was visiting Chicago from Pakistan . Only problem I had was men knocking on the door throughout the night.Lots of fine food places located nearby. I found my cousin Raj working in the subway nearby. Very clean beds and it made…More

My three friends and I stayed at the Belair during the weekend of Pridefest (June 2006). We did not book a room before we arrived, but happened to find 2 available rooms here, at a much better price than the Days Inn down the street. The ladies behind the desk chatted with us and were very patient with my worn…More

Since I chose this hotel partly based on a review I saw here, I feel obligated to add a review of my own.Needing a place to stay while I waited for a job interview, I had intended to stay here for several weeks. I splurged on the 2-room suite, with refrigerator and microwave, since I could then save some…More

I actually have fond memories of the Belair Hotel. It was the 1st place I stayed at when I moved to Chgo 10 years ago. I didn't know a soul, I was low in funds, and my apt wasn't ready to move into. I was new to Chgo at the time, so I was a little frightened by the fast…More

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