Milshire Hotel, Chicago Reviews

Milshire Hotel, Chicago Hotels Reviews

Address: 2525 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647-2629

, I've stayed at a lot of bad places but this was the worstI got bed bug bites alll over

The place is really bad, as described in pretty much every review.I'd like to confirm, yes, there are few roaches, but also plenty of BEDBUGS. Roaches will maybe crawl up on you in you sleep, but ultimately won't come home with you. They love this HO(tel). But bedbugs will ! and will infest every piece of wood in your…More

I've stayed at some run down places all over the world, but this place takes the cake. First off it is a brothel, and filled with meth/crack heads. I have no idea how this place passes any inspections. I was going to a couple of shows at the Congress theater, and this place is the closest place to it, so…More

After reading the reviews online about this hotel, anyone would think this is a horrible place to stay. The reality, however, is that it really isn't that bad! My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by our experience here. If you're looking for a poshy place to stay, this is not it. But if you're looking for hostel quality, you'll…More

We got into the lobby and two guys were in the reception enclosure area. One of the guys was wearing a heavy metal shirt that read psycho-something. For a double room it was only $40 so we figured we are only staying the night so no big deal, right? So we got a room key and got buzzed into the…More

This place looks more like a brothel than a hotel. The "receptionist" has to see every person who is going to stay before give you the key. Once you get to the room is like a puzzle to open the door. Then the room is disgusting, you'll see the rep carpet with thousands of spots, I didn't even use the…More

I travel a lot and stay in some pretty shady places but this one took the cake. Cockroaches everywhere, smells nasty, Mrs Roper receptionist, doubles as brothel, dirtiest hotel I have every seen, broken doors, old food that looked like a mix of cigarette butts and corn in the plant in front of our door, fat shirtless white trash guy…More

This place does seem older but it has charcter like the Chelsea without all the famous guests. Being a tourist I did feel uncomfortable sleeping and I didn't like leaving the key at the desk when we left.. We were attending a concert at the Double Door.

When we got there, we had to choose a room with a "private bath". The receptionist is hidden behind a glass wall, the announcements on the walls are written with a pen and she has to buzz you in to get into the hotel lobby.The place smells bad, the elevator is probably the original (1930's?).When we got to the…More

My friend and I decided to stay here for one night to attend a concert at the Congress Theatre ($48/nite). The neighborhood is kind of rundown until you turn the corner and there are these lush, posh areas. The location was convenient, access to the busline and within 15 min walking distance to where we wanted to go. There were…More

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